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Google Adsense – Understanding SEO for Beginners

SEO for Beginners, Google Adsense – Understanding SEO for Beginners

What is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which is carried out to increase the ranking of a website based on Search Engine Result Position.

This article is a guide article that discusses making money with Google Adsense, so we will refer to the SEO Parameters of the Google Search Engine.

For example, let’s check the keywords on Google “Making Money Online”. Then the results obtained with the Google Chrome Browser show the following results!

The results of this search are then referred to as SERP or Search Engine Result Position where Google places articles from websites in the first place and in second place. Of course Websites at the top have a greater chance of being read.

In order to reach this position, our articles must be SEO friendly and convince Google that the article has the criteria that make it eligible to be in that position.

SEO-Friendly Article Factors

At the beginning of developing the SERP indexing and compiling algorithm, the factors were arranged rigidly so that you can be sure that a website will reach position 1 when it follows all the steps required by Google.

However, this turned out to have a negative impact on the search engine ecosystem because bloggers are more likely to fulfill engine requests. The result is that there are many articles that are not pleasant to read by humans and only fulfill the technical side, such as complete Headings, Many derivative words, have lots of backlinks but are self-made.

In fact, Google wants quality content that appears on page one so that their Search Engine ecosystem is more alive.

Google has finally created an AI that records all user behavior while on a page and makes this activity a record for them to rank the pages on their first page.

But let’s discuss the factors that can make Google SE like our articles.

Google Loves Human

The main principle developed by Google in developing the search engine is Google Loves Human. Therefore, all algorithm updates developed by Google will try to prioritize content created by humans in languages that humans also like.

How does Google find out if a user (human) likes content?

Simply, Google simply tracks user activity while on a website page. If most users quickly leave the website page, it means the website is not good. Because this Principle was developed into the main SEO parameter.

Furthermore, this principle is developed into a derivative factor as follows:

Content is not long-winded

Who likes long-winded content with complicated grammar? All blog or website visitors hope to immediately understand after reading an article instead of getting new problems.

Therefore, in making articles, you should choose sentences that are effective and efficient in explaining something, for example, the following sentences:

SEO is a term that comes from the abbreviation or acronym of Search Engine Optimization which means efforts made by website owners to improve the site’s position in search engine search results for their website by following all aspects and signs that have been set by Google as a search engine. previously.

Let’s compare it with the following sentences:

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. The term refers to the efforts of site owners to improve their position in Search Engine search results. In general, this is done by following the rules set by the Search Engine.

When compared, which sentence is more informative?

Article Development Flow

Apart from the selection of diction and the arrangement of syllables, the flow of article development will be the main factor for visitors to feel at home in an article.

Let’s say someone comes to the website with the keyword “How to Clear Cache from the Browser”. So this article should contain the steps to clear the cache. Because visitors who come to the site want to clear their browser cache, not anything else.

For example, because you are after a high rating on the SERP, in the opening section you explain about cache, then explain the role of cache, the reasons why cache must be stored, then in the last section, you explain how to delete the cache.

If you do this method, it is possible that visitors have not reached their destination and have just read the first paragraph, and have left your site.

Full Article

Complete and long-winded are two different things. Complete refers to the content of the content which provides an explanation to the user with many facilities such as words, pictures, graphics or videos. If needed, you might provide a reference link for a term that is too long to explain in the article.

Minimalist design

Minimalist design has been statistically proven to make visitors feel at home on a site. Pay attention to large sites that are on page one of Google when you are looking for information. Most of these sites apply a minimalist design.

Simple designs such as a white background with black writing, easy-to-read typeface, and simple navigation.

Don’t make the design accentuate your artistic side by making dark backgrounds too dark, or complicated navigation, keep it cool and your site is like a puzzle. Only Sherlock Holmes did not get lost on your site.

The idea is simple, don’t ever make it difficult for visitors!!!

So what about the Download Blog, the link for which is very difficult?

Download blogs very rarely use ads from Google Adsense, other than that Download Blogs have an inverted paradigm from article blogs. In blog articles, visitors will always feel that there is another website if your website is too complicated.

On the download blog, visitors will always feel that this is the only place to download paid applications for free. This will make visitors patiently click on the ads that appear on their blog until the software is successfully downloaded.


What do you do if you are opening a site and then you just watch the page loading?

Come on!!!, surely you will immediately come out of looking for another site, right?

Google Developer also explains that the longest waiting time before content is displayed on a website is an average of only 3 seconds. Most visitors will leave the site after waiting 4 to 5 seconds but the page is still loading.

So our task to solve the problem is to choose a light and simple template. Currently, there are many templates that are provided very lightly. To find out whether the Template is good or not, we can use the Pagespeed Insight facility from Google.

So what if I want to provide Videos and Images in my Article which of course will make the waiting time even longer?

It doesn’t matter, the more complete the content of your article, the better the results will be. You only need to use the Asynchronous Tag to display videos from YouTube which will make the video load at the very back after all content is loaded.

This will keep visitors viewing the article even though the videos and images haven’t loaded or appeared later.

Other Recommended Sites

When is a restaurant said to have good taste and is recommended? When one of your friends suggested the restaurant? Or more of your friends who suggested it?

Google also adapts this system in ranking a site. If your site is referred by other sites then Google considers your site important. The more people who refer to your site, the better your ranking on a site.

In the world of SEO, this technique is referred to as Backlinks. So what if no one refers my site?

Many SEO practitioners deliberately create backlinks for their sites so that more and more referrals point to their sites. However, gradually this method turned out to be making many websites that were not of high quality in terms of content because most website owners were concerned with the number of backlinks compared to the quality of the content.

As a result, Google overhauled its algorithm where only good backlinks will be counted, while backlinks that are suspected of coming from the same IP as those referred will be considered negative. So it must be someone else who refers to you, not yourself.

The way to get referred by others is of course to return to the initial rules, create quality content.

Referring Domains

Let’s first analogy this case!

Suppose there are two restaurants, one of which is recommended by Chef Juna while the other is recommended by someone you don’t know. which do you think is more credible?

If you don’t insist, the answer must be the one recommended by Chef Juna. The first reason is that Chef Juna is more famous and secondly he is an expert and practitioner in the field of cooking.

So, for example, you are discussing technology articles, and now suddenly you are referred by a site with a Mystery Niche, for example, now this backlink, of course, has a lower value compared to backlinks that come from technology sites as well or articles that discuss technology.

Apart from sites, TLDs also matter. For example, the TLD of .go.id and ac.id. These two TLDs cannot be owned by just anyone, so of course, these sites will be managed in a credible manner. Thus, backlinks from ac.id certainly have a higher score compared to backlinks from .com, especially from blogpspot.com.

Over Backlinks and Sand Boxes

Over Backlinks is a condition where your articles are indexed very little but the number of backlinks is very large. If the source of the backlink is of high quality, it doesn’t matter, but if the source of the backlink is suspicious or even comes from an irrelevant site, then it’s only natural that the article given the backlink is suspected.

If you push yourself too hard to make lots of backlinks for your site even though the content is still minimal and not of high quality, there is a possibility that you will get sandboxed. Sandbox is a penalty from Google for sites that use a lot of Paid Links, Spam Comments, and Blog Networks in making Referral Links to your site.

The impact is that your site will be drowned by Google in the SERP so visitors will find it difficult to find you. The worst impact is that your site will be deindexed (removed by Google’s index) and will not want to index your site again.


So, that’s a short introductory article for the meaning of SEO. Actually, there are more than 200 aspects related to the SEO of an article. The explanation above is only for basic SEO which should be completed to make articles at the beginning of the Google Adsense list.

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