Last updated: 2021-03-18

Terms & Conditions

This page displays the Terms and Conditions based on the products and services that are offered by PT Devina Innovation Technology and its affiliates or Devina and Co.(Devina & Co.). at Please read this page carefully as a guideline for your shopping experience or purchases at By ordering, purchasing, or using our services, you are deemed to have understood and accepted our Terms & Conditions below. For the use and disclosure of data and information, you can visit the Privacy Policy page.

Guidelines to Use Our Services or Site

You agree to comply with any guidelines, notices, operating rules and policies, and instructions relating to the use of the service and/or access to the site, as well as any changes to it, issued by us, of time. We deserve to revise the guidelines, notices, operating rules, policies, and instructions at any time, and you are supposed to know and abide by any changes above after its notification or publication of this amendment in the sites or notification through other media.

Terms and Conditions to Use The Site

  1. This website is intended as an access for the benefit of purchasing products, getting some information, and the use of other features which are already available on this website.
  2. You may not reproduce, distribute, display, sell, lease, transmit, imitate, translate, modify, reverse engineer, disassemble, decompile, or exploit this site unless expressly permitted from us.
  3. You are not allowed to abuse the use of this site for commercial purposes of any information provided, without any permission from us.
  4. We reserve the right to reject and dismiss accounts, orders, and services if there are any illegal or harmful behaviors threatening our interest.
  5. We provide content on this site for informational purposes. Submissions or opinions expressed on this site may be the expression of the site users and may not reflect our opinion.
  6. We are not responsible or liable for any claims, damages, or losses that come from the users.
  7. You may be given a password to access your account and some parts of this site. You can use this site with your account following the terms and conditions that had been applied.
  8. You are responsible for protecting the security and confidentiality of your account. If at any time there is a change of your account without your permission, please immediately notify us to increase the account security.
  9. Based on the points above, you agree that you will not help others to send, upload, distribute, store, create, or use this site for:
    a. Content that encourages all forms of crime, either in the local, national or international laws, including intellectual property and other proprietary rights laws.
    b. Imitate or impersonate yourself as another person, affiliation, or business
    c. The obscene, vulgar, offensive, defamatory, deceptive, falsifying, or pornography content
    d. Using the service of this site for commercial or non-personal
    e. Collecting personal information from this site without permission
    f. Destructive operation of the service by uploading a virus, worm, or other malicious code
    g. Selling or transferring your account, profile, or items associated with the service.

By reading these terms and conditions, you hereby agree to:

  1. Always access and/or use the services only for lawful purposes, and in a lawful manner and further agrees to undertake activities related to service in good faith; and
  2. Ensuring that any information or data that you provide/upload/announce/post or raise in connection with the service platform is accurate and agrees to be responsible for information and data.

In the event you infringe the points above and it is equal to a crime under applicable law, we may report your actions as violations, and reveal your identity to the authorities.

Terms and Condition of Sales

  1. All orders are sold depending on availability and confirmation of the specified price.
  2. Delivery may be varied according to the capabilities of expedition/shipping services, along with their policies for sending orders to the specific area.
  3. As for matters related to delivery delays or force majeure is not our responsibility. Our responsibility was stopped by the time we delivered your order to the expedition/shipping service that you chose before.
  4. Devina & Co. has the authority to refuse your bookings if at any time some things are detrimental.
  5. If your order was received, we will notify you via email that your order has been registered in our system and is awaiting payment. We will also inform you via email about the details and methods of payment that you must undergo. Make sure that you have entered the data correctly and accurately, from an authorized user credit card or debit card, the address, the order following your wishes, and make sure you have sufficient funds to pay your orders.
  6. The cost of products and services may fluctuate by the company’s policies. All prices may change and we may not always notify you about it.

Sales and Purchase Method

When you make an order, you will receive an email confirmation that your order is awaiting payment. The email is merely confirmed and does not constitute the final stage of your orders.
This stage requires you to make the payment, and after you complete your payment, we will send you an email confirmation that your payment has been received. At this stage, your booking will be sent to you. Only the items listed in the email will be sent to you.
For further information about shipping orders, including the addresses, shipping cost, packaging cost, operational cost, and the delivery estimation, you can visit the Shipping Policy page.

Price and Availability of Products

All details, description, availability, and price of the products on this website are accurate. Mistakes might happen, but we always strive for them to be avoided.
If there are errors in the site development related to product availability, we will inform you immediately. We will also give you the option to specify your order or cancel your order.
You are deemed to have agreed to the price listed on the system when you make the order process. If you cancel it and you have paid for your orders, you will receive a full refund. The shipping fee will be charged extra for all amounts shown unless your orders qualify for free delivery to your region.


After receiving an order, you will receive an order confirmation through email, that requires you to make a payment. At this step, you have to make payments according to the payment method you choose at the booking stage. Please note, at this time your order has not been processed and still waiting.
Once we receive the funds right from you, we will confirm your order and send you an email indicating that your order will be sent immediately. Orders shipped within the specified days stipulated in the system after you received the payment confirmation email, with estimated delivery time by your location.

Discount and Promo Codes

Devina & Co. may offer discount codes or promo codes. You can use the codes that are offered if you meet the terms and conditions. Purchasing products with discount or promo codes will be aligned with the provisions of the code, starting from cashback, discounts, shipping, free products, and so on. The discount or promo codes are not transferable and not redeemable for cash, and it is valid only on this site.


  1. All results and testimonials about the products of Devina & Co. overall is feedback from customers or site visitors.
  2. Please read first all product information such as labeling, ingredients, and instructions for use, because the complaints that are caused by individual allergies or sensitivity to certain content is not the responsibility of Devina and Co.(Devina & Co.). Stop the use in case of a bad reaction.
  3. Consult with Devina and Co. (Devina & Co.) for selecting the right products.
  4. The results of each individual’s use can be different because the type and condition of each individual are equally different.

Risk of Loss

All items purchased from are manufactured, processed, and shipped following the delivery contract. It means that the risk of loss or damage will become your responsibility after we deliver it to you.
For more information about the terms of exchange or refund of products, you can visit the Return Policy page.

Connecting to Our Homepage

You are allowed to provide a link to our home page, With the note, the provision of that link is fair and legal, and does not aim to damage the reputation or take advantage unilaterally. You may not fully provide a link to the home page, but the other parts are contained on this site. In this case, we reserve the right to withdraw linking permission without prior notice to you if there are things that are proven to have been violated or not according to regulations.