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Understanding Page View, CPC, CTR, and RPM in Adsense

When we interact with google Adsense we will get to know some terms that we often encounter when monitoring the development of our Adsense income, some of these terms include Page Impression, CPC, CTR, CPM, and eCPM, actually, these terms are analytical information provided by google AdSense for its publishers, regarding data related to the AdSense income they get. AdSense, Page View, CPC, CTR, RPM.

#1. Page View

Page View / Page impressions or impressions we can translate as “Page appearances”, is the number that shows how many times the page containing the ad unit code is displayed by blog or site visitors, the value is not affected by the number of ads that we place on the page, if the ad We put 3 ad units on the displayed page, then the page appears 10 times, so the Page impression is still 10.

The term Impression is not only in Google Adsense, but this term is also known for webmaster tools, in Google Adsense impression is the number of pages containing Adsense ad units appearing, while for webmasters the term impression is related to the number of pages found by search engines based on keywords used as search criteria, the more impressions it shows that the pages in our blog are easily found by search engines.

#2. Click

To define clicks related to the AdSense ad unit is that clicking here means the accumulation of the number of clicks obtained by each AdSense ad unit that we install.

#3. CTR (Click Through Rate)

CTR (Click through rate) is a comparison in the form of a percentage to calculate between the number of clicks and the number of the respective Adsense ad units appearing, if the ad appears 1000 times, then the ad gets 10 clicks then the CTR value can be calculated as follows ( 10/1000 x 100%) = 1%, so if in 1000 times the ad gets a visitor’s click 10 times, it means that the CTR value for the ad is 1%.

The CTR value can indirectly inform, the normal behavior of clicks on an ad unit, and CTR becomes a reference for Google and publishers to monitor normal click behavior on the ad unit in question, the normal value for CTR is 0% to 5%, or it can be more it depends on the number of clicks on the ad, but if the CTR value is more than 100%, it means that an abnormal action has been indicated, this case can occur because of a click bomb, continuous clicks on the same ad more than 1 time, we must continue to monitor and be vigilant if in the google Adsense account we get information on the CTR value with a large value or more than 100%, if there is an indication of fraud or bombing, the risk is that our AdSense account is banned, a CTR value above 100% can occur if the number of clicks exceeds the number the ad appears. AdSense, Page View, CPC, CTR, RPM

#4. RPM (Revenue Per Thousand Impression)

RPM is the result of dividing the publisher’s total revenue by the number of page impressions (per 1,000) he gets from his ads. For example, a publisher who earns $200 from 50,000 impressions will have a CPM value of $4 (the value is obtained from the calculation [amount of earnings /(impressions/1000)]= (200/(50,000/1000)=200/50=4.

#5. Estimated Earning

Estimated Earning is the estimated amount of income that we get from the AdSense ads that we install, the estimated earning value is the product of the number of clicks with the CPC, the greater the CPC value, the greater the estimated earnings we will get, then also the more clicks. The ads will be the greater the income we get.

#6. CPC (Cost Per Click)

CPC is a term that we often hear in google AdSense, CPC (Cost Per Click) is the cost offered by the advertiser (the advertiser) for each click on the ad, every time the AdSense ad is clicked by a visitor, the dollar we will get is a certain amount of CPC value. for the ad. The greater the CPC value, the greater the opportunity for us to get dollars from these ads.

Many factors can affect the CPC value of each AdSense ad, including the number of ads on the page, the type of ad chosen, the source of visitors, and so on.

Google keeps the CPC value a secret for each ad, only advertisers and google Adsense parties know more about the CPC value for each ad unit, but for now, there are tools that we can use to predict the CPC value, the CPC value for each ad unit is different by one. each other depending on certain keywords, one of the highly recommended tools to find keywords that have a high CPC value or better known as high paying keywords is SEMRush, how you can read about How to find High Paying Keywords on google Adsense.

Those are some terms that I can share with you regarding Page Impression, CPC, CTR, and Adsense eCPM, hopefully, they can help.

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