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Google Adsense – Types and Types of Earning CPC, CPM, Active View

Active View CPM, CPC. For publishers, Google Adsense income after being published on a website is converted into money (Rupiah or Dollar) through three types of income.

1. CPC

CPC stands for Click Per Cost or Cost per Click (CPC). The simple definition of CPC is the fee that publishers get when a fish is clicked on their site. For example, if the CPC value of an ad is 0.02 $, then the value you get every time you click is 0.02 $.

When the same ad on our site is clicked 10 times, the income is 0.02 $ x 10 = 0.2 $, but this is a very difficult condition to occur because the ad that appears on a site is not only influenced by the content of the article but also the user’s cache and cookies during surf the Internet.

Ad Display Procedure on a website

I have a financial-themed site with keywords whose CPC value is based on Semrush 3.13$, but how come on my dashboard the CPC rate is only 0.03$?

The value displayed on Semrush is an estimated value of Semrush itself, even though the value is not that far off. But let’s assume the value is indeed the same as the value in GA.

The $ 3.13 figure is not the actual CPC value but the maximum bid ever offered by advertisers to Google Adsense for a keyword. Each keyword on Google Adsense has a CPC range, for example, from 0.2 $ to 3.13 $.

When a site displays an ad slot on its site, it appears to users, the ad slot is auctioned off to the advertiser. Of course, a higher ad value will have a higher chance of appearing, but Google limits the value of the ad bid that can be displayed on a website based on the quality of the website itself, so it’s not necessarily just the keyword.

Let’s say a site ranked 500 will have a chance to serve an ad with a max Bid of 3.13$ but a site rated 2,000,000 will only get a chance to serve an ad with a max Bid of 0.07$. So there is still a possibility that the ads served will have a value at the Max Bid.

There are many factors that can affect the maximum bid of ads that appear on our site, starting from the quality of the domain, page quality, content, and position of ad placement.

The calculation process is as follows: Google ranks all advertisers on Google Adwords based on the bid value they place. The higher the bid value the higher the ranking.

Let’s assume there are 5 ads competing for a keyword with ad ratings of 80, 50, 30, 10 and 5. If someone types in those keywords and lands on a site with Google’s minimum ranking criterion of 40, then only the ads rank 80 and 50 can perform.

The order of display is as follows: Ads with a rating of 80 will appear at the top of the article (appears first) while ads with a rating of 50 will appear at the bottom. Ads whose values ​​are 30, 10 and 5 will not have a chance to appear on the assumed website.

Easily expensive ads will appear on premium sites, while cheap ads will appear on mock sites.

2. CPM

CPM stands for Cost per Mile or Cost per 1000 views. in Google Adword Bid this is called View Cost Per Mile, which is a fee that must be paid by ad owners every 1000 times their ad appears.

Do I have to wait for this ad to appear 1000 times on my site, then I can get CPM?

The answer is no, because every time an ad is displayed on Google Adsense, the owner will only get paid for that, for example, an ad with their vCPM Bid is 10$, so every time it is displayed, the site owner will get 10$ / 1000 or 0.01$.

The CPM that is displayed on the Ad Publisher Dashboard is the CPM Rate that has been displayed by many on your site.

All advertisers must have a CPM bid, even if they don’t place the bid. If in Set 0, then their ad will never show at all.

3. ActiveView CPM

Active View CPM is the cost of advertising that you get every time it is broadcast. This Active View CPM has different values and a higher bid, but there are conditions.

The requirements for this Ad bid will be calculated if the ad appears on the screen with a size of more than 50% and lasts at least 1 second. The calculation process is the same as CPM, only the value is bigger.

The small ad size in this article greatly benefits from the Active View CPM bid type.

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