Contoh Soal STEM untuk SD

STEM adalah singkatan dari STEM (SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGENERING, AND MATHEMATICSS). adalah kurikulum pendidikan yang sangat berfokus pada mata pelajaran Sains, Teknologi, Teknik, dan Matematika. STEM Menjadikan Belajar lebih menarik.

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1. Description of each discipline that builds STEM-based learning. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematic;
Science is a study related to natural events that involves investigation, research and measurement to explain the cause and effect of a natural phenomenon. Scientific research and research can be used to identify the evidence needed to answer scientific questions and answer problems in human life.

Human innovation or invention which can be in the form of software and hardware as a means to fulfill human wants and needs, so that it can facilitate human work for a more advanced life.
Knowledge and skills to design, apply, replicate and engineer a work in the form of equipment, systems and machines that can be used by humans to accelerate and simplify the production process of goods and services.
Science that deals with numeration, patterns of change and relationships, space and form. the skills to think rationally and logically and reason, and use it in a systematic and structured manner.2. Definition of   STEM 
An educational approach that integrates science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, by focusing the educational process on solving real problems in everyday life and professional life (National STEM Education Center, 2014). 3. Characteristics of the STEM-based learning approach:

  1. Integration between Science, Technology, Engineering (machines) and Mathematics in one subject.
  2. Applied using a project-based learning model (PjBL)
  3. In accordance with real life, it is contextual
  4. Preparing a generation that has human resources in accordance with 21st Century skills
  5. In accordance with the demands of the industrial revolution 4.0
  6. Application of learning that aims to train soft skills and hard skills

4. Pattern of STEM Approach in learningSTEM has a pattern known as the EDP (Engineering Design Process) or the process of designing a work or machine. This EDP then has many versions that have been formulated by experts, but in general EDP has the following pattern.

  • Formulation of the problem            
  • Solution plan           
  • Create and Develop models 
  • Using a model           
  • Evaluate, 
  • Communicate and reflect.

Explanation of the EDP (Engineering Design Process) pattern or the process of designing a work or machine in the STEM approach

No.EDP ​​patternExplanation
1Define the problemFormulation of the problem           
2Plan SolutionsSolution plan          
3Make a modelCreate and Develop models
4Test The modelUsing a model          
5Reflect and redesignCommunicate, reflect, evaluate, redesign

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