How to manage multi-channel strategies efficiently (even with a small team)

Manage multi-channel strategies efficiently. How many tools, files, shared folders, emails, or reports do you need to manage your marketing efforts?

Chances are that, if you’re managing more than one channel, the answer is “too many.” That’s when you know your martech stack is getting out of hand.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

How to manage multi-channel strategies efficiently

Here’s how you can increase productivity and improve results by using a single platform:

  • Identify your organic competitors, benchmark your performance against theirs, and discover gaps in your keyword and link strategies.
  • Analyze your market and your audiences.
  • Research keywords for your strategy, map them to existing or new pages, and understand exactly what type of new pages you need to create.
  • Audit your website for technical issues, get practical solutions, and track your progress.
  • Create optimized content and track your keyword performance across organic and paid search.
  • Manage your local listings from one single place.
  • Create and schedule posts for your social media channels, and monitor their performance.
  • Create, manage, and automate all your reports.

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